Benefits of Proper Dehumidification

Benefits of Proper DehumidificationThere are the numerous fans that turn your living room into an airport launch pad as well as dehumidifiers left in the middle of the room. Obviously this equipment is necessary and imperative to the goal of getting your home dry and back to pre-loss condition, but what are the benefits of property dehumidification? We will explore them next.

As is the case with any time of property restoration, quick response is always a key step in mitigating a water loss. Extracting as much water as possible is next and is followed by proper dehumidification. Dehumidification can help save items such as soft goods, paper products, and other valuable porous materials. Timely dehumidification can also save structural items including sheet rock, baseboards, and fine woodwork. And finally, serious environmental conditions and secondary damage can be avoided as well as business interruption in most cases. And for you business owners, you know how costly business interruption can be.

Now, there are two types of dehumidification that are used in water damage losses; refrigerant and desiccant. We will focus on refrigerant this month. Many small commercial and residential water damage jobs are served well by this method. The dehumidifier pulls in humid air, runs it over cooling evaporation coils, and creates condensation, which is drained away. If any of you have a dehumidifier in your home, you know how this works.

Helpful Tip: If your personal dehumidifier has a relative humidity setting, a good range is anywhere between 30-50% for health and comfort.

These dehumidifiers are used to bring balance back to the drying system. When a dehumidifier cannot keep up with the rate of evaporation, a drying system is out of balance. This is where secondary damage, or damage that is not a direct result of water damage, occurs. An example of secondary damage is mold growth, and we want to avoid mold whenever possible. It is this reason multiple fans and dehumidifiers are used in many cases.

When water damage occurs, it is important to get the restoration process started as soon as possible. Phone calls to your insurance company and a restoration company should be the first step taken. The sooner you can get the water extracted and the proper dehumidification equipment installed, the sooner you can get back to life as normal. Or if this happens to your business, the sooner you can re-open your doors.

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