Value In Having a Home Inventory

Think about your bedroom for a moment; would you be able to name every item in there? Not only the main things, bed, dressers, TV, etc., but can you list how many sweaters are in the closet put away from last winter? How many pair of socks are in your top drawer? You may wonder why this would be important, but in the situation of disaster, having an inventory of these items could be a large monetary difference. In the event of a loss, Read More

Inventorying Contents During a Loss

After a dreadful fire or water damage destroys your house and/or contents, a detailed inventory of all your damaged items will need to be performed. If you don't, you may not be reimbursed for your valuables. Insurance companies are usually great at responding with urgency and professionalism, and they will do many things to help you financially after a loss. One thing you may find cumbersome after dealing with all the stress and headache, is Read More

Personal Contents – If you can’t remember what you have, how will you recover if you experience a loss?

You do have a complete inventory of all your personal contents in your home or business, right? People are realizing that, with all the unexpected natural disasters, fires, water damages, and burglaries, there is a real need to protect your possessions. You certainly could take a pencil and paper, or grab a camera and list everything you own. Having a professional inventory prevents any questions in the event that you did have to make an Read More