Mold Removal Outside the Home

Have you ever seen small dark spots on the siding of a home, which look like tar? If you have, or if you have it on your home, it is known as shotgun mold a sticky, artillery fungus. Artillery Fungi, is a dark brown spore packet that sits on top of a specialized cup-shaped cell, which accumulates water and cell contents. When enough liquid is accumulated, the cup inverts causing the cell to burst and ‘shoot’ the spores as high as six meters! This fungus primarily grows in wet organic mulch and other organic matter when the temperature is between 50 and 68 degrees. The disk shaped fungi is very sensitive to light, which is why it shoots toward reflective and light colored objects such as siding, windows, and vehicles.

Although artillery fungi spores do not normally do any structural damage, removing the fungi is very difficult, and discoloration may occur. The most effective way to rid your siding of the shotgun mold is to detect it early, and have it professionally power washed. Certain cleaning agents, along with heated high-pressure water and scrubbing may do the trick.

These helpful tips may keep your home shotgun mold free:

  • Stir your mulch periodically to keep it dry
  • Try to keep mulch at least 30 feet away from your home
  • Use pea gravel, stones, or other inorganic items around the home
  • Do not apply more than 2 inches of mulch

If you have shotgun mold on your siding, contact a professional power washing company for remediation of the mold.

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