Inventorying Contents During a Loss

Contents Inventory During a Loss

After a dreadful fire or water damage destroys your house and/or contents, a detailed inventory of all your damaged items will need to be performed. If you don't, you may not be reimbursed for your valuables. Insurance companies are usually great at responding with urgency and professionalism, and they will do many things to help you financially after a loss. One thing you may find cumbersome after dealing with all the stress and headache, is Read More

Dehumidification & Drying First Steps

Dehumidification & Drying First Steps

The mission of restoration is to return property to its original condition, prior to suffering a loss, at a cost significantly below replacement. This is never more important than in a situation where water has entered the home in some way. Be it a pipe burst, flood, storm damage or firefighter efforts, time is imperative to a water situation to save and restore as much as possible. The first step is to remove water that is standing in the Read More

Water Restoration Survival Guide

Water Restoration, Water Damage Cleanup

No one every expects it could happen to them. The Johnson family is going on holiday, and leaving in a rush to get to the airport , they check the luggage twice to be sure they have not forgotten any important items. Unfortunately, they forget to prepare the home to prevent major water damage by simply SHUTTING THE WATER OFF TO THE HOUSE! FAST FORWARD 10 DAYS: Johnson family arrives home from the vacation, only to find water running out from Read More

Disaster Preparedness Using Smartphone Apps

Disaster Preparedness Using Smartphone Apps

For some people, the debate on which smartphone ecosystem can rage for days. A lot of people are moving toward Android, and while iOS is still a powerhouse, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry are becoming more popular. What they cannot dispute, is the necessity for any of these devices during a disaster or emergency. Insurance agencies, safety organizations, and developers have recognized this and developed their own apps to assist their customers Read More

Disaster Preparedness – Ready for a Power Loss?

Disaster Preparedness - Ready for a Power Loss?

One only need look at recent weather events to conclude just how dependent we are on electricity. Hurricane Sandy brought wide spread destruction and loss of power to over a 6 million homes and businesses from NY to Ohio in early November 2012. Question: What happens at times like this?Answer: Hundreds of millions of dollars of property damage escalate when many of us are not prepared to deal with the aftermath of power interruption due to Read More

Disaster Recovery – Nine Priorities for Better Response Preparedness

We only need to look at weather events the past few years, to realize disasters hit home when we least expect them. Most would agree it would be unwise to knowingly live in a home without smoke detectors, or have a plan to evacuate and call 911 in the event of a fire emergency – yet many of us do not have a basic plan to handle a weather disaster either at home or work. How will you communicate and prioritize what needs to happen once a Read More

Trauma Clean Up – Part 1 Violent Death

Trauma clean up, or crime scene clean up, is a topic that nobody wants to have to think about, let alone ever have to deal with personally.  Whether it is a violent murder or suicide, or a case of an unattended death, families are left traumatized, devastated, and with a large to do list. In the midst of the grieving process, families must make funeral arrangements, deal with end of life financial items, as well as communicating the tragedy to Read More

Carrara Partners with Motorists Mutual for Education


On Thursday, March 11, 2010, Carrara Companies will hold two CE courses at Motorists on the topics of disaster recovery and dehumidification/drying. Both courses will be held in the Plaza Dining Room. Disaster Recovery: This class explores loss prevention. How can agents or brokers help themselves and their insureds by minimizing risk? Briefly looks into developing a disaster plan. (3 CE credits, 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.) Dehumidification / Read More

Time Matters in Disaster Recovery


Disaster Recovery, a topic many of us have heard of, yet few wish to think about. Management execs and business owners alike would agree that this investment in time and resources may or may not pay off. It is a gamble on a gamble at best. Why plan for the improbable? It is reported that even in this post Katrina era, fewer than 50% of businesses today have a Disaster Recovery Plan and of those that do, less than half have tested their plan. Read More

What is Disaster Recovery?


Disaster can mean different things depending on who you are. A disaster may range from a flooded basement or fire, to a natural disaster. We will assume, for this example, a disaster happens at work. A tornado has directly hit your building, and there is no power or structure left. What happens next, and how will your company get back to normal business? This is a prime example of disaster recovery. What can you or your fellow employees Read More