Mobilizing During a Catastrophe

There are numerous areas throughout the country that have extreme weather situations. When a natural disaster strikes, those areas need all the help they can get. It is in these times that having trusted partners can assist with speed of recovery and amount of homes mitigated. No one knows when a catastrophe is going to strike. That being said, having a plan in place for when it does is the best preparedness a company can have. Recently, Carrara Read More

Ebola Not the Only Virus in Town

With recent possible exposure of Ebola to Northeast Ohio, it is easy to forget the facts, and make rash decisions based on fear. Viruses have been around a lot longer than humans. They have the ability to adapt, mutate, and thrive in environments we didn't think possible. Only the proper preventive measures will protect you. As of now, there have been no outbreaks of Ebola from anyone in the state of Ohio. The nurse, who is originally from Read More

The ABC’s of Loss Time Management

Many of us can boast quietly to have had the good fortune of not having our residence flooded, damaged by fire, or hit by a storm. The few who have gone through such misfortune can probably agree it was nothing like what they expected. In the world of property restoration and insurance claims, satisfaction with the results to settle a property claim often depend on (Speed) response time, (Communication) updating and follow up, and (Quality) Read More

Family Disaster Planning

Although September is National Disaster Preparedness Month, we suggest you consider making a year round commitment by having an updated plan for the protection of you and your loved ones. Having a plan, no matter how simple, can save lives, free up EMS resources, save money by preventing property damage, and protect us from personal and financial ruin. The fact is yesterday’s disaster plans have quickly been outdated and today’s family Read More

First Steps After a Flood

Northeast Ohio Summer is coming to a close. One of the good things about heavy rainfall is green grass and fruitful crops, while the bad are flooded basements. Restoration companies were able to help a lot of customers this year with flood cleanup. In many situations there are more customers needing help than companies to assist them. If in a situation where you are looking for help, and unable to find it in the time frame that you want, here is Read More

Protecting Yourself from Storm Chasers

A recent storm has come through your neighborhood bringing high winds, heavy rains and possibly even hail. As you and your neighbors walk your street assessing downed trees, water damage and defaced property, there are three types of folks you will see visiting your community; utility workers, restoration & construction experts, and Storm Chasers. When you occur damage to your home the first thoughts that likely come to mind are, “who is going Read More

Inventorying Contents During a Loss

After a dreadful fire or water damage destroys your house and/or contents, a detailed inventory of all your damaged items will need to be performed. If you don't, you may not be reimbursed for your valuables. Insurance companies are usually great at responding with urgency and professionalism, and they will do many things to help you financially after a loss. One thing you may find cumbersome after dealing with all the stress and headache, is Read More

Disaster Preparedness Using Smartphone Apps

For some people, the debate on which smartphone ecosystem can rage for days. A lot of people are moving toward Android, and while iOS is still a powerhouse, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry are becoming more popular. What they cannot dispute, is the necessity for any of these devices during a disaster or emergency. Insurance agencies, safety organizations, and developers have recognized this and developed their own apps to assist their customers Read More

Disaster Preparedness – Ready for a Power Loss?

One only need look at recent weather events to conclude just how dependent we are on electricity. Hurricane Sandy brought wide spread destruction and loss of power to over a 6 million homes and businesses from NY to Ohio in early November 2012. Question: What happens at times like this?Answer: Hundreds of millions of dollars of property damage escalate when many of us are not prepared to deal with the aftermath of power interruption due to Read More

Preparing for a Fire Loss

Every 15 seconds a fire department responds to a fire somewhere in the United States. Some are in response to a small contained kitchen fire, others for a fire that ends in a total loss. None of us ever expect a fire to ignite in our own home, but it is important for us all to prepared. Fires occur quickly and can totally destroy your house and contents. Make sure you are prepared before such a disastrous event happens. One of the first steps Read More