Sump PumpAs a homeowner, you might be asking yourself, “Do I need a sump pump?”

You finally have your dream basement. Nicely carpeted, stocked with food and drinks, outfitted with the latest electronics, a home entertainment system and comfy furniture. Now for your nightmare; A heavy summer downpour or a burst pipe after a cold winter threatens to flood your newly remodeled basement

Could this disaster and the need for expensive water damage restoration have been prevented by a small pump installed in the lowest part of your basement? This pump, known as a sump pump, can help keep the area under your home dry and prevent it from flooding by pumping water out and away from your foundation. However, not all homes need sump pumps.


How Do You Know If You Need a Sump Pump?

  1. Your basement has flooded before.
  2. You live in a flat or low-lying area with soil that readily traps water.
  3. You live somewhere that experiences large quantities of rain or snow.
  4. You have a finished basement that contains costly items you want to protect against water damage and subsequent mold growth.
  5. You already have a sump pump but it is 6 or more years old. (They usually last up to 10 years.)

How to Choose a Sump Pump

There are two types:

  • Pedestal: the motor is mounted above the sump. This makes it more visible, but also easier to service. This option is usually more economical, but doesn’t last as long.
  • Submersible: The motor is completely mounted inside the sump and sealed. This option is more visually appealing, and safer if children are in the home, but makes the unit harder to reach. It tends to be pricier than a pedestal sump pump, but also lasts longer.

If you already have a sump pump, you may need to replace your existing pump. Make sure your new sump pump is installed correctly. Consider a battery back-up sump pump to guard against power failures, common with bad weather. Also check it for proper operation a few times a year. You don’t want to find out your sump pump is broken during a severe thunderstorm, so test it before the rainy season! Damp basements can become breeding grounds for mold and mildew.

If your home is flooded, Carrara Companies can help. We will extract standing water, stabilize the environment, monitor the drying process and replace your flooring if needed. Call us today to learn more about our residential water clean-up services in Ohio.