While the most wonderful time of year has arrived, it has still been a rough year for the economy and peoples’ spirits. In hopes of bringing back some of the excitement for the holidays, Carrara’s sales team of Ed Duke, Eric Schlaubach, and Jim Dunphy will be out spreading the holiday cheer.

“We have had such a great year, we wanted to give back during this joyous season, and let others know there are still reasons to celebrate,” says Ed Duke Sales Director for Northeast Ohio. “People tend to get so wrapped up in what’s going on, it’s important to remember to laugh, be in good spirits, and just have fun.”

This season, the trio will be visiting a lot of local businesses and agencies with goodies in the sack, and smile on their faces. “I look forward in doing this every holiday. I just cannot imagine not doing it,” says Eric Schlaubach, Sales Director of Central Ohio.