A down economy hurts sellers when trying to sell your home. Making your home more desirable to a buyer can make all the difference, as many buyers today are not looking for the fixer uppers. Historically, the buyer will paint and change flooring after purchasing a home, but by doing a few small things as a seller, you can make your home more marketable.

First, have a professional carpet cleaning company clean all the carpets. If you have ceramic tile get a professional clean on it too, since having clean floor may entice the buyer as they will not think about replacement.

Second, have neutral colors on the walls. This may mean painting, but in the end, the goal is to sell. Your taste may differ from others, and a buyer thinking they have to paint, may be overwhelming.

Third, have extra furniture removed, as minimal is all you need. If furniture causing clutter it will make the room look smaller, and by having less furniture, the room appears bigger.

Finally, the outside (siding, brick) and the inside of the home should be clean. The first impression of the buyer should be a good one, and by having the outside and inside of the home clean it will reflect a well maintained and cared for home.

The cost of doing these is inexpensive and may help move the home to close quicker. For more tips and information on cleaning your home, call Carrara Companies at 888-972-7561. We’re happy to offer advice or provide our services.