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Carrara offers professional commercial air duct cleaning services to the Northeast and Central Ohio markets including Columbus, Cleveland, Akron and the surrounding areas. Contact us today and receive 20% off your next commercial air duct cleaning service.
Carrara utilizes state-of-the-art commercial air duct cleaning equipment, methods, and technology to clean and decontaminate commercial air delivery systems using both Negative Air and Direct Vacuum processes. Our patented Maxvac Source Removal and Agitation equipment loosens dirt and debris, allowing our powerful negative air units to extract it using HEPA filtration without redistributing contaminants throughout your office building or other commercial application.

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Patented Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

    Our patented process includes:

  • Pre-customer consultation
  • Registers and diffusers are removed, cleaned and sanitized
  • Patented Maxvac Source Removal and Agitation
  • Registers and diffusers are reinstalled

With nine registered patents, Carrara professionals developed a direct vacuum process called Maxvac, where our agitation and vacuum line travels all the way through your main ducting for a thorough cleaning process.

Our competitors only use a negative air process, which applies suction from the bottom of the HVAC system to knock dirt loose. But due to pipe twists and indentations, this can cause contaminants to remain in your duct work.

Cleaner indoor air starts with good filtration

In commercial environments, the air delivery system is frequently cited as a major contributor to Sick Building Syndrome due to contaminants that build up inside the duct work over time, creating an ideal breeding ground for mold, bacteria, fungi and other microbes. Filters should be changed every 3 months. Ask your Carrara Technician about our custom-fit Scan Air Filters.

In addition, we offer duct sealing to prevent further corrosion and lifetime electrostatic air filters, which hold a 92 percent efficiency rate. We proudly service Columbus, Cleveland, Akron and the surrounding areas.

Member Organizations

Carrara is a member of NADCA — the National Association of Air Duct Cleaners, dedicated to establishing industry standards.

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