Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The commercial carpet cleaning professionals at Carrara use our patented environmentally friendly Hot Water Extraction System to for carpet cleaning in office buildings and other commercial applications.
We proudly serve Northeast Ohio including Columbus, Cleveland, Akron and the surrounding areas, offering business owners the first-rate carpet care they need. Ask about our carpet cleaning services today.

Our patented carpet cleaning system utilizes the hottest water in the industry (200F degree) to remove dirt and bacteria without soap or harsh chemicals. Temperature is important for carpet cleaning because every 15F degree water temperature doubles cleaning ability. When you compare our 200F carpet cleaning with our competitors using 186F degree water, there is no comparison! After thoroughly cleaning your carpets we use powerful vacuums to extract dirty water, leaving your carpets clean, soft and free of pet odor.

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Patented Earth-friendly Carpet Cleaning Services:

  • Move desks, file cabinet, etc.
  • Professional vacuuming
  • Pre-Spot Treatments for tough areas
  • 200F degree Hot Water Extraction
  • Neutralize

Added Carpet Protection

Carrara offers 3M Scotchguard™ for added carpet protection. Plus, we soften the water to ensure no hard water stains are left behind.

No Harsh Chemicals Necessary

No harsh chemicals are needed when it comes to our carpet cleaning services because the heated water is circulated from the tank to the wand so it doesn’t have a chance to cool down. The heated water breaks up dirt and grease without damaging fibers or over-wetting your carpet. In fact, 95% of the water is removed from the carpet, which then takes only 4 hours to dry.

Oriental and Area Rugs

Oriental and area rugs can be picked up and cleaned at our facility, utilizing the same Earth-friendly Hot Water Extraction method. The professionals at Carrara Companies will deliver the rugs back to you clean, dry and odor free.

Carrara proudly services Northeast Ohio including Columbus, Cleveland, Akron and the surrounding areas.

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