Commercial Drapes & Blinds Cleaning

Carrara offers professional drapes and blinds cleaning to the Northeast and Central Ohio markets including Columbus, Cleveland, Akron and the surrounding areas. Contact us today and receive 20% off your next commercial drapes and blinds cleaning service.

The professionals at Carrara offer patented dry or wet clean services for blinds and delicate drapery fabrics on location at your office or commercial building. Our on-site service ensures that windows will never be left bare for days at a time.

In addition, we guarantee no shrinkage or damage to your drapes delicate fabrics, and no loss of sizing, resins or flame-retardants.

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Wet Cleaning Services

For our wet cleaning service, we begin by vacuuming dust and debris that collects on your drapes or curtains. Then we perform a color-fast test in an inconspicuous area by shooting the fabric with 200F degree water and rubbing with a soft cloth to verify if there is any color transfer.

Dry Cleaning Services

For delicate fabrics, we begin by vacuuming dust and debris that collects on your draperies or curtains. Next, we use our patented Lambrite dry cleaning system for extra protection of drapery and curtain fabrics, such as silk

ULTRASONIC Blinds Cleaning

The professionals at Carrara use advanced blinds cleaning techniques, called Ultrasonic submersion, providing a thorough cleaning in less than one minute, with no water spots left behind.

Blinds are placed in an Ultrasonic tank where sound waves in the water create billions of tiny bubbles that hit the blind slats and implode to remove dirt and debris.

Blind slats, cords, and other mechanisms are rinsed in an anti-static solution — to repel water leaving no spots behind and a like-new appearance — and re-hung with the slats separated.

Carrara proudly serves Northeast Ohio including Columbus, Cleveland, Akron and the surrounding cities.

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