Hood Vent Cleaning in OH

Carrara offers professional commercial hood vent cleaning services to the northeast and central Ohio markets including Columbus, Cleveland, Akron and surrounding areas. Contact us today to receive 20 percent off your next commercial hood vent cleaning service.

Our professional hood vent cleaners use contractor-grade chemicals and equipment to ensure your complete commercial hood vent system — hood, plenum, ductwork and rooftop fan — is cleaned thoroughly and complies with applicable codes.
Carrara technicians are fully trained and certified in accordance with NFPA #96.

Reducing the Risk of Fire

In every restaurant, the risk of fire is dangerously apparent due to the high volume of cooking, resulting in grease that is more combustible in kitchen exhaust systems.

To reduce your risk, restaurants must eliminate built-up grease and other cooking by-products that serve as fuel sources. The professionals at Carrara Companies will thoroughly clean your kitchen’s hood vent & exhaust system down to the metal and ensure these systems are in good working order. We are highly experienced in hood vent cleaning and will make sure yours is as clean and safe as can be. Call today to learn more about our commercial hood vent cleaning services.

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