Fine Rug Repairs and Oriental Rug Cleaning OH

Oriental Rug Cleaning OH

Oriental and fine area rugs are investments. Unlike other investments, these pieces require special care

due to their value and because of their unique construction. Woven rugs, especially those that are hand knotted,
are designed to hide dirt. As a result, oriental rug cleaning is a unique process that requires a
professional touch.

The best way to protect your investment is to take proper care of it. Let the professionals at Carrara
handle it for you.

Oriental rugs must go through a rigorous, but delicate, cleaning process to ensure the integrity of the
rug is maintained. Our professional process includes:

  1. Inspection. We will research your specific rug and any qualities that may impact cleaning. We
    will then provide you with a cleaning plan.
  2. Pre-Condition, Pre-Spot, and Prep. Depending on the unique fiber of your rug and the type of
    soiling, we will pre-treat it to emulsify soils. Then any particularly challenging stains will be pretreated
    with special solutions to increase the chance of removal.
  3.  Shampoo. Next up, we shampoo your investment with a special Oriental Rug Shampoo that is
    specifically designed for sensitive natural fibers.
  4. Rinse and Dry. Once the cleaning process is complete and the soil is rinsed out, we follow a
    custom drying process to avoid shrinkage. Depending on the type of fiber, the rug is laid flat to
    dry or hung up.
  5.  Finishing, Inspection, and Delivery. Once the rug is dry, it is combed, inspected, and ready for
    many more years of enjoyment.

Oriental and fine rug cleaning isn’t your run of the mill housekeeping task. The professionals at Carrara
are experienced and ready to help you protect your precious investment.

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