Digital Thermostats Saves Energy & MoneyWhat can you do to save money around the house; while also limiting negative effects on the environment? There are many different things you can do to improve the efficiency of your home while saving you money. When considering the different options, start with one of the least expensive, and something that will give you the biggest return on investment; replace your analog thermostat. Below are the advantages:

Save Money
On average $200/Year. Initial investment for a digital is around $20. You can upgrade for a few dollars more and invest in a programmable thermostat for around $30. Tech savvy people can also buy a programmable thermostat that uses WIFI, and is accessible via a computer or cell phone.

As mentioned above, the programmable thermostats allow you to set a temperature at given times and days. Have the temperature be lower on times when you are not in the home, and also at night. Taking a trip? Why pay for the same heating bills when you are not there? Be sure to not set it too low though….keep your pipes warm.

Analog Thermostats are heating the area with a varying temperature. If you have the analog temperature set at 70 degrees the temperature will vary between 67 and 73. Digital will always be at exactly 70 degrees.

Going Green
Analog thermostats contain mercury, a chemical that is terrible on the environment. Switching to digital thermostats can save between 6-8 tons of mercury going to our landfills.

Since there are no moving parts on a digital thermostat there is little to no maintenance, just keep your battery changed!

Upgrading your thermostat to digital, from analog, will render immediate savings. Most people notice the change in the first 30 days. If you upgrade to the wireless capability, you can manage your heating and cooling costs from the beach!