Disaster Preparedness Using Smartphone AppsFor some people, the debate on which smartphone ecosystem can rage for days. A lot of people are moving toward Android, and while iOS is still a powerhouse, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry are becoming more popular. What they cannot dispute, is the necessity for any of these devices during a disaster or emergency.

Insurance agencies, safety organizations, and developers have recognized this and developed their own apps to assist their customers in getting the information they need. But with each marketplace saturated with apps, which ones could best fit your needs? Check out our recommendations below, and why.

Insurance Apps
Whether you have State Farm, USAA, Nationwide, Allstate, or another major carrier, having access to your insurance information should be mandatory.

Disaster Preparedness
Before you are in a disaster, being prepared and knowing what to do can make a huge difference. From building a simple checklist to an entire kit – be prepared.
Android: Disaster Readiness | Blackberry: Disaster Management Guide

Emergency Response
You are in an emergency and first aid is needed. Not everyone remember exactly what to do in an emergency. These apps will help.
Android: First Aid – ARC | iOS: First Aid – ARC | WP8: Emergency Kit | Blackberry: First Aid Reference

Family Matters
Knowing the locations of your family members in a disaster/emergency is priceless, and finding them can be easy. The below apps will help you keep track of your family members, whether in an emergency or not.
Android: Life360 | iOS: Life360 | Blackberry: Life360 | WP8: HelpBridge

General Tools
These general tools will help you in a disaster or emergency.

Don’t limit yourself to these apps, and if you have one you prefer, definitely use it. Smartphones have given both companies and consumers access to information, and the ability to communicate more effectively. The only other things to recommend, are keeping a charger and extra batteries at the ready. Without those, everything else is useless.