Each Halloween, trick-or-treating brings smiles, laughter and months worth of candy. But even when the chocolate bars and sticky, gooey candies are eaten, traces of Halloween fun can still be found lurking on our carpets and rugs.

We’ve listed here some carpet cleaning tips and tricks for removing those scary Halloween stains. (Please remember these are general guidelines, and carpets and rugs with natural fibers or dyes may require special treatment. Never use a circular motion when attempting to remove stains, as it can destroy the texture of the carpet.)

Chewing Gum: Freeze the gum with an ice cube for about five minutes or until the gum becomes hard. Break up the gum with a dull knife and vacuum the pieces. Detergents containing a citrus base may remove the stickiness of the gum, allowing it to be easily removed.

Gooey Candy: Using either a dull knife to scrape, or a white paper towel to blot, remove as much of the candy as possible. Using a detergent solution, blot the affected area until it is covered with detergent. You want to avoid any detergents that contain bleach and/or lanolin. Rinse with a spray bottle containing water, blotting until you remove the stain. If this does not completely remove the stain, you may need to moisten the area with a 3 percent hydrogen-peroxide solution. Let it sit for about an hour, and repeat as necessary. Light causes a chemical reaction with the peroxide so you do not have to rinse. Once the stain is removed, use a towel or paper towel to ensure the area is dry.

Chocolate: Begin as you would with candy, and use a dull knife or paper towel to remove as much as possible. Once completed, mix cool water with ammonia (1 tablespoon of ammonia to ½-cup water) in a spray bottle, and cover the affected area lightly. Blot continuously with a white paper towel until the stain is removed.