Ohio has experienced a mild winter in terms of temperature, but the winds have been howling. Trees and branches are causing damage to properties and homes from the high winds. Southern Ohio and a few other states have witnessed horrendous tornadoes, with some homeowners may be wondering, “Does my home have any damage from the wind?”

In most cases damage to your home caused by wind is covered by your insurance policy. Please see your carrier for specific coverage questions, but let’s explore what damage can look like. Keep in mind, wind speeds in excess of 45 mph can damage homes, shed’s and garages.

Common signs of damage are:

  • Missing Shingles – Many times are visible from the ground
  • Lifted Shingles – Can be visible from the ground but a closer look may be needed
    • Extension ladders may be needed to get access to your roof. Shingles have a seal at the end of the tab which helps it adhere to the lower shingle tab. If winds lift the shingle the seal can be compensated
  • Cracked shingles tabs from lifting
  • Missing siding
  • Loose siding
  • Missing Fascia
  • Loose Fascia

If you are missing shingles, and or siding, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to determine if your home is damaged. Other effects can be less noticeable and may require a closer look. Loose shingles and or loose siding can out your home at higher risk from weather related damage, and can lead to more damage the next time a swift breeze comes. If you are not able, or can’t inspect your home properly, you should seek professional help. Good contractors can help you by determining what damage, if any; your home has suffered due to wind damage. Roofing and siding are meant to protect the inside from weather outside, but if any of these are compromised, you could experience interior damage.