Holiday Home Safety is a Present For AllAs the winter holiday season approaches, there are increasing dangers evident in the home. Be it increased electrical hazards, homes being vacant from travel, or a large influx in time spent in the kitchen, extra care must be taken to keep these gatherings enjoyable. With attention to detail on a few crucial points, risk of injury, damages to the home and overall, insurance claims, can be avoided.

Kitchen Safety

  • Ensure oven mitts and towels are clear from hot ranges.
  • Keep the cooking area clear from clutter to reduce risk.
  • Point all pot and pan handles in over counter tops.

Home Safety

  • Shut off water to the home when leaving for longer than a couple days.
  • Use timers for interior lighting, illumination is the number one deterrent for robberies.
  • Only use the allotted amount of plugs per power strip or outlet can handle.

Personal Safety

  • When removing snow/ice, know your personal limitations, stay hydrated and know your equipment.
  • Have appropriate attire for weather at hand and limit exposure to the elements.
  • Fire extinguishers should be accessible in every room of the home and all should know where to find them and how they operate.

The holidays are a fantastic time to get together with family and friends but bring risk along with them. While simple tips may seem redundant, it is negligence to them that often leads to disastrous situations. Take a moment to have all guests aware of their surroundings and exits in case of emergencies. Have emergency contact information posted in a clear place for all to see, to limit the extent of damage, and/or injury, in the unfortunate time of an accident.