Home Maintenance TipsIt doesn’t take a lot for your home repair bills to get out of control. There are extreme situation where maintenance is never thought of. We have all seen the shows like hoarders where maintenance is ignored. If you keep up with maintenance on your home you will save money long term and short term. Many of the repairman services will be avoided by simply completed a few things a year to extend and improve the performance of your home.

Home maintenance isn’t as hard as it looks. With a little know how you would be surprised at how easy these are. You do not need to be a professional to ensure your appliances and structure are working properly.

The following are tips that can help you maintain your home. Many of these do not cost much but the payoff of completing the task is priceless.

1. Test and clean smoke detectors Monthly
2. Test GFCI outlets Monthly
3. Check your Roof Monthly
4. Lube and adjust garage door hardware Quarterly
5. Replace return air filters Quarterly
6. Drain and flush water heater Semi Annually
7. Verify operation of all water shutoff valves- including main Semi Annually
8. Use caulking around windows and flashings Annually
9. Clean your dryer vent Annually
10. Clean gutters and downspouts Annually
11. Use caulking around windows and flashings Annually

There are many more tips to keep you busy when considering maintenance on your home. Please consult a professional to get even more information on how to keep large costs from creeping up on you. In regard to maintenance a little can go a long way, especially in your wallet.