Hood Vent CleaningRegular maintenance and cleaning of hood vents is crucial for businesses to stay in code with health regulations. With the buildup of grease and other debris, the risk for fire greatly increases. In keeping a hood vent filter cleaned, it also regulates the quality of air and smoke and odor removal. Here are some overall benefits and precautions that come into play with consistent maintenance to a hood vent:

  • improved health standards
  • decrease risk of fire
  • better ventilation for smoke and odor removal
  • compliance with local and national fire and health codes
  • improved government inspection ratings
  • greater energy savings
  • cleaner working environment and minimized product contamination

By washing fan blades and brushing fan housing and drip pans, the risk or fire and contaminated vapors entering the work area is greatly reduced. Best practice is to have these hood vent cleanings scheduled for yearly or bi-yearly appointments to ensure they are being taken care of. The more regularly these cleanings take place, the easier and more cost effective the cleaning process becomes.