Dealing with the aftermath of a catastrophic event is stressful for any business. In addition to heightened emotions, you could be facing any number of business-critical issues. From costly physical damage to lost data to service disruptions, the repercussions can wreak havoc on your company’s operations and your bottom line. The longer it takes to restore balance, the bigger the impact on your customers, employees and organization as a whole.

As Ohio’s leading disaster restoration company, Carrara has seen firsthand the devastating effects a disaster can have on businesses, especially those that are unprepared for it. Developing a comprehensive disaster plan before experiencing a catastrophe is the first critical step to protect your company from unforeseen events that too often devastate unprepared businesses. The actions that you take in the first 48 hours after a disaster often spell the difference between a successful recovery and major business losses.

That’s why we’ve created the Carrara Priority Response (CPR). The Carrara Priority Response (CPR) program provides businesses with a swift and organized response to quickly re-establish operations after a disaster. Disasters are inevitable, but you have the power to minimize your risk by preparing your company and your people in advance. Carrara works to create a customized CPR program by analyzing the specific risks, concerns and priorities of your business. With a deep knowledge of your company and a focus on property restoration, we will develop the appropriate response for any disaster scenario. If and when a catastrophe strikes, we can immediately initiate your recovery plan and stabilize the situation to keep damages to a minimum.

The CPR program offers you:

  • Preparation. An expert consultant helps you plan for a disaster by identifying your potential needs and documenting your site, so the Carrara team can respond quickly if needed.
  • Personalized service. A project manager works directly with you for emergency and nonemergency services, providing you with a priority response for all of Carrara’s services. In addition, Carrara can establish a customized education and pricing platform to best support a client’s needs.
  • Preferred status. When an area-wide catastrophe occurs, CPR clients receive priority status over non-CPR clients. Priority response means we’ll be on site within two hours of contact.

For most companies, the impact of business interruption is more devastating than physical damage from fire, smoke or water. Carrara provides you with immediate and effective solutions to mitigate any and all of your losses, so you can keep your company in business and your future secure.

If you’d like to find out more about the Carrara Priority Response program, or have any questions, contact us today.