Carrara Continuing Education (CE) classes are a fantastic alternative to gain all your CE credits.  As you know, all Agents appreciate the requirement to obtain 24 hours of CE hours every two years (just kidding!), but it is a mandatory rule.  In order to make the best of it, many Agents look for providers where they can take something extra away from the class and apply it personally or  professionally.

Carrara Company CE Classes. Restoration Services in Cleveland.

With that in mind, Carrara has developed over 15 courses.  Our classes have one goal: for each person to learn something valuable they didn’t know.  Our classes range from Water and Fire Damage Restoration, to Hoarding and Biohazard Cleanup.  Oh, we can’t forget the much needed ethics course as well.

We offer full day courses mixed with two classes.  Each offering is worth 3 credit hours and lasts three hours.  Breakfast is provided, as well as snacks and beverages throughout the day. There is also an Italian themed hot lunch provided between 12-1 pm during every class we provide.  Our roots are Italian and we don’t want anyone to leave hungry at the end of one of our CE courses.

The courses offered are as follows:

  1. Water Mitigation – Mitigating the Loss
  2. Fire – Mitigating the Loss
  3. Microbial Mitigation
  4. Ethics in Insurance
  5. Disaster Recovery – Preparations For When a Disaster Strikes
  6. Commercial Losses – Restoration Point of View
  7. Home Maintenance I – Protecting Your Home and Money
  8. Home Maintenance II – Dangers with Mold, Lead, Asbestos
  9. Biohazard – Cleanup and Restoration
  10. Understanding Contents and Hoarding
  11. Indoor Air Quality (2 Hours)
  12. Storm Damage – Defining Damage
  13. Importance of Dehumidification/Drying
  14. Life Cycle of a Claim
  15. Storm Damage – Defining Damage (1 Hour)

As you plan for attaining your hours in 2017 you can visit our website to reserve your spot.  All classes attended are FREE to licensed insurance agents, as well as approved by the State of Ohio.

We look forward to seeing you in 2017!  We know these courses may not be your favorite way to spend a day, but Carrara makes them fun!