Summer weather is a great time for enjoying our home outdoors. Family barbecues, parties and neighborhood gatherings bring many out to enjoy the areas around our home including patios, decks, and covered porches. Often, it is at these times when we notice how unsightly our homes exterior can become from Mother Nature. Materials including aluminum, vinyl siding, wood, concrete, brick and stone are all susceptible to dirt, grime, sun fade and mildew damage. Pressuring Washing is an ideal method for taking on the challenging task to clean these areas to keep up and improve the value and appearance of your home. The ‘Do It Yourselfer’s’ wisely leave this task to a professional cleaning company. Pressure washing can be a cost efficient method to clean many of the challenging areas around the exterior of your home. Job success is greatly impacted by the consideration of what is required to do the job right and have reasonable expectations on the outcome of the job. The following Pre-Job checklist will help you consider the questions to ask before the job begins and get you the results you will be happy with.

Pressure Wash Pre-Job Question Check List:

  1. What water temperature will be required to clean? Water Temperature can make all the difference. Hot water cuts through dirt and grime better and minimizes labor effort required of hand scrubbing and use of detergents that can damage plants and flowers.
  2. Can you provide water supply for the job? Many homes on non city supplied water sources cannot provide water and pressure necessary for the job. This can impact pricing for job.
  3. What kind of cleaning do I need? Do I have oxidized siding? Dirt? Algae? Shot-gun mold?
  4. Set reasonable Expectations: Discuss what ‘clean’ will look like when the job is complete.
  5. What are the risks for all materials requiring cleaning? Siding types (aluminum & vinyl), gutters, fascia, windows, screens, doors and entryways. Different materials require the use of various spray angles and hose tips to achieve the best results and minimize damage.
  6. What are the height requirements for job? Will ladders or scaffolding for safety be required?
  7. Window screens: Will they be cleaned in place or is it best they be removed and replaced?
  8. Know that lines from supplied heated water can pose damage risk to lawns, flowers and plants.
  9. Consider all stained and painted surfaces that could be impacted by high pressure water spray and runoff from areas cleaned above. (Windows often require additional cleaning from residue streaking and run off)

Cleaning via pressure washing is an economical way to improve the appearance and value of your home. As with any project, it is suggested that you do your homework. Most reputable cleaning and restoration companies will provide references and suggest that you complete a similar checklist before undertaking your next pressure washing project.