Prevent Fire Damage Clean-up When Using Space HeatersWhile the recent weather has been mild, cold weather will return. The use of space heaters in both homes and offices will increase, along with the danger of improper use. It is important to understand your space heater and the dangers therein. Improper use is the leading cause of fire, and the last thing you need to worry about around the holidays is a fire damage company for restoration.

Space heaters are designed to be as safe as possible, when using a one here are several factors to consider:

  • Is this space heater a tested model that has been deemed safe for use by manufacturing guidelines?
  • Is someone physically going to be there to monitor it during use?
  • Keep the cord uncovered because they also produce heat and can be a fire risk
  • Always keep space heaters on the floor, never on a counter or on furniture.
  • Is there any small children or animals that may be at risk of touching this and possibly being burned?
  • It is not recommended to ever use an extension cord to operate a space heater
  • Make sure the cords are in no way frayed or damaged before use.

The annual average for fires caused by space heaters ranges around 18,000, with approximately 360 lives lost. Arm yourself with knowledge, and you can avoid becoming a statistic. Hiring a company for fire damage restoration should not be on your grown-up Christmas list.