Spring is a time for renewal and a refreshing break from the long, cold winter days. However, spring also means plenty of rain and moisture! A rough winter with lots of snow that’s now beginning to melt combined with the showers of spring can mean disaster for your property. Saturated grounds can cause water to leak into foundations and walls or overwhelm clogged systems. Being prepared for all that extra water is crucial in avoiding serious problems. Here are some ways you can get ahead of the spring thaw and weather to ensure your property stays safe and moisture-free.

Sump Pump

Make sure your sump pump is fully operational! When a sump pump fails, it can take just minutes for disaster to strike. Aside from experiencing flooding from a failed sump pump, all that extra moisture can cause mold to grow very quickly, which compounds an already disastrous issue. Inspect your unit fully before the spring showers start this season. Clean out debris. Check water sensors. Replace backup batteries. Test your sump pump to make sure it’s fully operational and fix any issues. Doing a full evaluation every year to make sure your unit works can make the difference between dry and safe versus knee deep in your own water disaster.

Outdoor Prep

Before spring lets loose, be sure to protect your property through outdoor maintenance. This means cleaning and inspection. Here are some things to check:

  • Clean gutters/downspouts. Remove the leaves and branches, which can clog any system. Be sure to check the pitch and flow to prevent future issues and ice dams.
  • Check the drain tile for tree roots and clogs. Inspect pipes with a camera and snake. Use of root killers can assist to ensure they can flow freely.
  • Fill cracks in foundation floor and wall mortar joints to prevent water penetration.

Who knows what spring will bring but being prepared is key to avoiding water damage at your property. If you do experience a loss, we’re here to help! Just call Carrara and we’ll work with you to get your property back to its pre-loss condition as soon as possible.