Do you know the difference between Category 1 “clean water” and Category 3 “black water”?

Water damage is rarely a simple problem to fix. Getting professional help to clean up water damage in your Columbus, property is crucial to salvaging as much as possible and ensuring the restoration is done safely and properly. Damage from water can range from something as small as a leak in a roof, to something as catastrophic as a major flood. No matter the size, there are some serious risks that come with any type of water damage in Columbus.

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Types of Water

There are three categories of water when it comes to water damage. Category 1 is considered plain water that is not hazardous to humans. The water itself isn’t harmful to you but certainly still causes a problem in your home or business. This water typically results from broken pipes or something like an overflowing bath tub. It is “clean” water.

Category 2 water, better known as “grey water,” can contain a significant amount of chemical, biological or physical contaminants that can impact human health. These elements can cause illness or discomfort through ingestion or just exposure. Grey water comes from toilet water containing urine or something like a dishwasher leak or washing machine issue.

Category 3 water, or “black water,” is the most dangerous. This water contains unsafe agents and harmful bacteria that can be deadly to humans. This type of water is usually a result of a sewage issue, rising water from a body of water, or standing water that started as a different category and stagnated.

Water Damage Health Issues

Water damage to your Columbus, property can pose serious health risks regardless of the water category. Clearly, categories 2 and 3 can pose an immediate threat to human health, but even water damage from category 1 water is dangerous. If water damage isn’t addressed by a professional, there is no guarantee it’s been fully remedied. Something as simple as leak in a ceiling or wall may only look like an issue causing discoloration, but if untreated can begin to breed dangerous mold. Mold can cause allergies, breathing issues, and even death. Mold produces mycotoxins which can cause neurological problems or chronic health issues because of daily exposure.

Why Professional Cleanup is Essential

There are several factors that go into cleaning up after water damage in Columbus. Depending on the length of exposure, amount of exposure, and category of water, different procedures must be followed to ensure a proper restoration. For example, if carpets have been exposed to clean water for less than 48 hours – they may be salvageable. A professional restoration company will not only make sure your property is safe, they’ll help you avoid a total replacement if they can. A good professional restoration company comes with decades of experience with water damage. Dealing with disaster is stressful enough, hire professionals to help save your property and money.