Proper Way to Use Home Fire ExtinguishersOf course every home owner knows the importance of having a fire extinguisher. Think of your home, where are they located? Almost every person responds that they have an extinguisher in the kitchen and garage, the most common rooms, with the highest risk of fire from cooking. Are there other rooms we should be prepared for fire? Should the extinguisher be located in a certain area? What type of fire extinguisher should you have? Let’s address these items moving forward.

Those of us that want to protect our homes, at the very least, have a fire extinguisher in our kitchens. Of course they are not located under the sink with flammable cleaners and still in the box, right? Fires happen unexpectedly and spread incredibly fast. Having immediate access to the extinguisher can eliminate, and/or minimize damages. For the kitchen, dry powder extinguishers are what you want. Most fires in the kitchen have some sort of oil involved; water will spread these fires, be sure you have the correct type!

  • Class A: SOLIDS-Plastic, Wood, Paper
  • Class B: FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS-Petrol, Oil
  • Class C: FLAMMABLE GASSES-Butane, Methane, Propane
  • Class D: METALS-Magnesium, Aluminum, Titanium
  • Class E: ELECTRICAL–Outlets, cords, Appliances
  • Class F: COOKING-Oil & Fats

Be mindful of the type of extinguisher you choose per room. Use the key above to determine which you would need. Reading the package and asking someone at the store are a great place to start. Local fire stations would be happy to guide you in the right direction.

The ideal situation for protecting your home would be to have an extinguisher in every room. While this may seem extensive, for the optimum amount of safety, the cost is well worth it. When using an extinguisher, aim and the base of the fire and deploy ALL of its contents; if this does not work, it is time to get out! Every room on the second floor should be equipped with an escape ladder.

Again, do not have these in a closet in the box; have them fastened to the window sill and ready for deployment at any time. Have an emergency plan in place; a designated meeting place can prevent folks from going back into the fire to attempt to save loved ones. Fire spreads at alarming rates, prepare and protect yourself to the best of your abilities, it can save your home, contents and your life!