What would happen if your property had major accident or natural catastrophe impact it today?  What would happen to the people, belongings, and building itself?  Maybe the first step in preventing and minimizing the effects of a disaster is planning for it. That’s why having emergency procedures and plans at the ready is crucial to your property. Ready Action Plan helps you achieve this through a web-based application that makes storing and accessing anything about your property just a button push away. RAP permits any users and the various members of your team the ability to access company disaster protocols, vendor contact information, property maps, floor plans, and more even if your property is inaccessible or your systems go down.  Do you have the information available?  Can everyone find it in the initial moments after and emergency?  What should you plan for?

An emergency disaster plan includes the roles everyone should adopt as well as protocols to handle each scenario. Here are some scenarios for which you should have an emergency plan:

  • Water/Flood
  • Fire/Smoke/Odor
  • Mold/Bio-Hazards
  • Crime/Vandalism
  • Storms/Hurricanes
  • Contents Recovery
  • Power Outages
  • Bomb Threats/Terrorism
  • Resident Death
  • Elevator Failure
  • Computer Failure
  • Work Place Violence

Your emergency disaster plans should aim to cover it all. From each person’s roles to the first steps to take, having comprehensive plans can lessen the impact of a disaster. The best emergency disaster plans should be broken down into actionable measures for all parties involved across a variety of timelines. From the first 100 minutes to the following 100 days or more after an event, focus on what can be accomplished within each time domain. When you’re creating plans think about the following:

  • First 100 minutes: What to do while waiting? What immediate response to give clients and residents?
  • First 100 hours: How long before the restoration and cleaning to be completed.
  • First 100 days: What is the scope and schedule for repairs to return to life/back to business.

Once you’ve gathered all your protocol for every scenario, Ready Action Plan is the perfect place to store them. RAP provides a central location that everyone can access and get started on a response the second disaster strikes no matter what happens. To learn more contact the team at Carrara or visit the RAP website.