Document Restoration

When the unthinkable happens, our first thought is how we get our business back up and running while minimizing downtime and maintaining service levels. This all begins by having a plan for the recovery of critical business information. This may take the form of plain documentation, paper, journals, books, records, film, libraries, archives, historical archives, and magnetic media. The fact is that businesses can fail and cease to operate effectively when important documents and data are lost or unavailable. Can your company afford to take this chance?

Carrara proudly serves northeast and central Ohio including Columbus, Cleveland, Akron and the surrounding areas. Our vacuum freeze-drying chambers allow us the greatest capacity in the world for recovering vital records, books, and documentation.
The process allows us to take materials from wet, to frozen to dry states, bypassing the liquid and damaging phase of water through fully automated controls. This document recovery is achieved by controlling the pressure and temperature within the freeze chambers. Our proprietary software was developed in-house to control this remarkable sublimation process and report minute by minute project progress.

Restore. Rebuild. Renew.

This technology and various imaging technologies allow Carrara to recover materials that just ten years ago would have been considered a total loss. Another challenge has been the advent of federal regulations concerning privacy in medical and personal information. (HEPA) This makes security and chain of custody issues extremely important.

The need for these procedures and security regulations are why our records and information recovery services are in our state-of-the-art recovery facility which meets or exceeds the requirements of a commercial records management center. When needed, our security can be augmented to meet the needs of classified and top secret government information as well. Another exciting area is the recovery of microfilm, microfiche, and x-rays. Damage from smoke and water can be recovered if time-sensitive protocols are enacted quickly. We provide document recovery and data restoration services to Columbus, Cleveland, Akron and the surrounding areas.

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