Equipment Restoration

Carrara offers equipment loss consulting services to assist insurance company clients in the evaluation of damage. Our experts provide unbiased, accurate information concerning equipment damage, repairability, costs, and timeframes to restore equipment affected by fire, flood, or other disaster. Clients use this information to expedite claims settlement. We are often asked to secure the equipment, verify the cash replacement value per component, confirm that the exact equipment actually exists, provide a description of use for each piece, and estimate the life cycle of each component for depreciation purposes. Carrara also offers other services including the evaluation of systems integration following component replacement. Our expertise has produced millions of dollars in documented savings for our clients annually. We proudly offer commercial electronics and equipment restoration to northeast and central Ohio including Columbus, Cleveland, Akron and the surrounding areas.

The first and probably most important thing to remember is that time is the enemy of electronics and the best friend of corrosion. It is essential to hinder the destructive chemical process (corrosion), and prevent avoidable harm before comprehensive repairs begin.
If preventive measures are taken rapidly, you increase your chances for a successful restoration and limit the expense.

Restore. Rebuild. Renew.

Once on the premises, your electronic restoration expert will evaluate the type of damage and take the appropriate measures. Our experts in the fields of restoration and electronic restoration will come up with the correct course of action for your particular needs and develop a plan to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

In the case of fire damage, hydrochloric acid (HCl) is one of the biggest problems. When this is mixed with water from sprinkler systems or fire hoses, the corrosion of electronics progresses rapidly. This corrosive effect, however, can be minimized by applying a protective lubricant directly on the electronic components, removing all water from the room and lowering the relative humidity to below 40%. Once this is done, the chemical reaction of hydrochloric acid and metals will be drastically reduced and will allow technicians the time needed to restore your electronics.

How successful is the restoration process and how reliable are the electronic components after restoration? It is estimated that 60 – 70% of all restored systems go back into operation without further repairs or disturbances. Observations of restored systems over a long period of time have shown that the reliability of the system is at least equal, in some cases better than before the damage occurred. To give one example, a manufacturer of highly sensitive film capacitors (Styroflex capacitors) required expert electronic restoration after a fire damaged their plant. The components were unsoldered from the circuit boards and cleaned. The restored capacitors were then compared to brand new capacitors of the same design from the same manufacturer. It was revealed that the cleaned capacitors had better quality factors and a smaller resistance spread than the new ones from the manufacturer. In the past, it was often argued that electronic restoration was neither cost-effective nor reliable. Clearly, this argument is no longer defensible.

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