Machinery Refurbishment

Carrara knows that many companies spend a small fortune replacing a machine that would cost far less to refurbish. Machines can be like people, the basic life expectancy is good and a little extra care and attention can lead to a long and productive life, whereas neglect can lead to a premature demise. We provide refurbishment and restoration services to northeast & central Ohio including Columbus, Cleveland, Akron and the surrounding areas.

Machinery refurbishment and restoration can vary from a simple spruce up to a completely new lease on life, Carrara will keep your machines running. We can even extend the life of your machines and sometimes even teach an old dog new tricks.

Mechanical machines are physical things that have components that are in contact with each other and in near constant movement causing them to gradually wear down. Each pound or dollar the machine helps out with your business makes it a little more worn. This often goes unnoticed until the grinding noises turn up and the occasional clank echoes through the factory.

Refurbishment and restoration could be just what your machine deserves. Carrara experts can replace worn components, re-new fastenings, upgrade switches and finish with a fresh coat of paint, and your machine will reward you for it. Timely and thorough refurbishment could mean you’ll never experience the heart-stopping silence from your most important machine.

Restore. Rebuild. Renew.

Companies are increasingly looking at how to either incorporate new technology into their equipment (see system integration) or bring the existing equipment up to today’s safety standards and modify the tooling. Our engineers have vast experience, in not only system integration, but also machine refurbishment. We have previously taken older machines, which have been mothballed for several years and refurbished them to today’s standards at a fraction of the cost of a completely new machine.

Typical Machine Refurbishment Applications

  • Complete strip down and rebuild of propriety transfer/foil printers.
  • Complete strip down and rebuild of vacuum forming machines.
  • Complete strip-down and rebuild of packaging machinery.
  • Retooling existing machines (such as rotary tables).
  • Re-wiring existing equipment.
  • Updating safety systems on existing machines.

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