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Carrara understands that when you’ve been through an experience as traumatic as a fire in your home, you need the services of a professional fire damage restoration company to minimize your losses. It’s all about caring for the contents of your home and recovering as many of your possessions as possible from the ravages of the fire damage, and nobody offers the type of restoration services we do. Carrara’s content restoration specialists are more than up to the challenge of inventorying and restoring items damaged in a residential fire. We want you to know that all is not necessarily lost in terms of the items that mean so much to you. Call today.


Following a Residential Fire Loss

First, the technicians at Carrara will evaluate restoring versus replacing all household items. Some items may be cheaper to replace than restore while others may be restored to their original state. All items that can be restored are tagged and identified. Carrara takes the utmost care of your personal belongings and treats them as if they were our own. For your protection, we videotape the pack-out content inventory load & unload process.

We also provide an itemized detail of all items taken from the property for restoration and cleaning. Storage of items is in a climate controlled environment that allows us to prioritize items such as holiday decorations. This process will allow for easy retrieval of these items during the restoration or rebuild process.

Next, Carrara professional fire damage restoration crew makes use of specialized processes to restore furniture and accessories in your house. We are highly experienced in the art of content restoration, and invite those whose homes have sustained fire damage to contact us about the restoration of the items in their home.

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