Electronic Restoration in OH

We are proud to count electronics restoration among our many disaster services. Special consideration must be taken to ensure that such contents are properly restored to prevent mold and mildew growth. If they are not charred, many such items can be restored. Even a light coating of soot could be permanently embedded in items if professional content restoration techniques are not used. The technicians at Carrara are trained extensively in handling all types of disasters, and in cleaning and restoring electronic equipment as part of our restoration services.

Restore. Rebuild. Renew.


Corrosion Control

If you own electronic equipment that has been damaged by smoke, fire or water, you will find our electronics restoration services to be an invaluable resource. Exposure to smoke, water, heat, humidity, and the chemicals released in fire is harmful in that it causes metal surfaces to corrode. Carrara Companies, an Ohio-based company, has the expertise to restore everything from circuit boards to manufacturing equipment to its pre-fire, manufacturer-certified condition.

Proven Chemicals, Equipment, & Procedures

Carrara’s team of experienced chemists and engineers have developed special chemicals, equipment, and procedures to treat fire, smoke, soot fallout, heat and water damage. Through extensive research and development efforts, Steamatic came to produce its own line of proven chemicals and cleaning compounds. These products have proven safe, reliable and effective because all are formulated under rigid quality control standards. Steamatic chemicals and cleaning compounds attract and absorb odor-causing elements rather than simply covering up smells.

When it comes to cleaning and restoration services for your valuable electronic equipment nobody does it like Carrara. Contact us the moment you are in need of electronic restoration in OH.

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