Roof CleaningYou may have noticed the discoloration of either your roof or your neighbors. Some think it is mold or the shingles deteriorating, but this may not always be the case. In northeast Ohio this is a common occurrence; especially the shaded portion of the roof, or the north facing slope. Don’t be alarmed, your roof may not need replaced.

Many homeowners make the assumption the roof needs to be replaced based on the gloomy appearance. Replacing a roof prematurely is expensive, and replacing it could cost around $8,000. However, cleaning a roof to remove the discoloration would only cost around $900. Cleaning is a much better option and will bring the life back to your shingles.

First, you must be sure your roof doesn’t need replaced. There are some easy indicators to observe before making the decision to clean or replace. Some common areas to look at are:

  • Nail Pops – Some nails tend to pop up lifting the shingle. This doesn’t mean the roof needs replaced but will need to be driven back down.
  • Sealed shingles – Make sure all the shingles are sealed.
  • Cracked shingles – In all of these cases the shingles will need replaced. Either replacing the damaged shingles, or the entire roof.
  • Excessive granule loss – Many times this may mean the shingles need to be replaced.
  • Loose shingles – These will need to be repaired.

The process of cleaning is simple. A cleaning detergent is applied through a light pressure sprayer, allowing the detergent to dwell for around 15 minutes. The detergent is then removed with light pressure using water only. Depending on how discolored the roof, the process may need to be repeated several times, along with a soft bristle brush.

Before deciding on your method, be sure to pick a contractor familiar with both. If a roofer is contacted, and isn’t familiar with cleaning, they may be inclined to quote a roof replacement, not just a cleaning.