Recently, Carrara responded to a 10-story building in Cleveland with a minor issue caused major problems for so many businesses. The culprit of the event was a shut-off valve failure in the employee kitchen located on the top floor of the building. One little valve caused enormous water damage that impacted floors two-eight of the building and affected 19 different businesses in the building leaving standing water everywhere. The building suffered wet floors, walls, ceilings, file cabinets, and furniture throughout the effected levels.

Once Carrara was contacted, we were on site within two hours to address this large loss situation. While the magnitude of this job was great, our team was able to start work right away. During our initial loss inspection, we also discovered pre-existing mold which we were able to clean and remediate during the restoration process. Our team was able to get the entire scene dry within the next five days and every office restored within 30 days despite the extensive damage that occurred. We were even able to dry and save files, furniture, and flooring.  Each of the businesses were happy to be able to operate during our restoration and construction.

The client and Carrara learned along the way of this emergency on ways to prevent and speed up the time dealing with this disaster.  Moving forward, all the shut-off valves and water supply lines will be inspected and replaced with quarter turn valves and metal braided lines.  In addition, the property has begun a property inventory and list of the finishes and building materials in each office.  What should you do at your peroperty?

No matter what the size of the property, Carrara is prepared to handle your restoration job. From large loss situations like these, to smaller projects, we’ll be sure to work with you to get your property back to pre-loss condition as soon as possible.