Spring Cleaning for Commercial BuildingsAs an owner or manager of commercial property, there are always multiple plates spinning that you need to be on top of, paperwork and managing service requests. Making sure the building(s) are safe and healthy for inhabitants. This will prevent extra work, staying abreast of your spring cleaning is often the key. Below are key areas to consider when looking into spring maintenance.

  • Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning will revive your carpet and rid the winters salt and debris. Talk about freshening up the office. Carpet cleaning alone will do wonders.
  • Window Cleaning: Winter tends to leave sleet and a cloud of residue behind. By cleaning the windows you can let the light shine in. Light equals happier employees.
  • High Dusting: Getting to those hard to reach areas. High beams, tops of lights and fixtures, ceiling corners, tops of doors, and diffusers. Removing dust can help reduce allergens that cause illness.
  • Pressure Washing: This alone can make the appearance of the exterior look brand new again. Pressure washing the sidewalks, parking lots and building will make a difference.
  • Roof Maintenance: Winter can take a toll on the roof. Water in liquid form turns to ice and expands. Make sure your roof is up to snuff and avoid any interior water damages in the heavy rains of the spring.
  • Air Duct Cleaning: Cleaning of the HVAC system is always helpful in improving the indoor air quality.
  • Service HVAC \ AC Units: Warmer weather is coming and the air conditioners will be running. Make sure your air conditioner is operating to its potential before you need it.
  • Landscaping: Plow trucks can damage the landscaping and mulch may be needed. Check your surroundings. Flowers and mulch are great at adding a pleasurable appearance.

When considering spring cleaning make sure you are looking at what investments will bring the best value for your employees or tenants. The above mentioned items are inexpensive and will bring the most value. Call a company that specializes in each field.