The Empathy of Trauma Clean UpOne of the most sensitive issues a restoration company can face is that of a crime scene or a trauma situation. These occurrences are hard for everyone involved and take an extreme amount of care and a clearly defined process to handle appropriately. Beginning with emotional training, all involved must have a consistent plan in place to carry out the job seamlessly.

At Carrara, every employee participates in emotional and personality training to understand how to best communicate with, and meet the customers’ needs. The first step in a trauma or crime scene situation is to first gather all pertinent information; whether that be from the authorities or the family members of the victim involved. This is a sensitive time in peoples’ lives and must be handled accordingly. Some of the information that is gathered would be: How many people were involved? How much of the structure was affected? What are the expectations for removal and cleaning of hazardous materials and areas?

In one of our most recent bio hazard situations, an entire home was affected. The person whose abode was affected had lived alone for some time with no interaction with family members. Upon passing away, this individual had remained in the structure for numerous days without being noticed. This two story home had only one room that did not contain hazardous materials. When inspecting such a situation, it is crucial to simply look at the facts of what needs to be done. Upon speaking with the next of kin, it was determined to remove all affected materials (including soft goods, and removal of necessary building materials), clean and sanitize the entire home, and perform repairs to have the home ready to be placed on the market to be sold.

Extreme care is taken in removal of hazardous materials as there are strict guidelines for disposing of bio sensitive items, and full PPE (personal protective equipment) is a must for workers handling the situation. Once the removal and cleaning takes place, it is then the opportunity for the home owner to walk the premises and make further decisions on restoration and reconstruction. Every crime scene or trauma situation will contain its own set of specific characteristics. That being said, when following a consistent process, they should all be handled in a similar manner; with care, professionalism and compassion.