Why Is Carrara Better Than the Rest?How do you find a carpet cleaning company? Is your decision based on price, quality, reputation, or word of mouth?  All are great things to consider when selecting a carpet cleaning company to enter your home or business.

Like anything, research is necessary to determine the best fit for you. Personally, I live by the motto, you get what you pay for, and with that in mind I will pay a little extra to make sure I get the best service. The phrase, getting it done the first time, seems to be leaving many companies’ business practices.

Carrara Companies offers a unique process when it comes to carpet cleaning. Our patented process has a proven track record of getting your carpets cleaned, without the use of harsh chemicals. When cleaning, the hotter the water, the better the result. When you wash your dishes, you automatically know to use hot water, as it cleans easily and kills germs and bacteria. Carpet is the same – the hotter the water the better the clean, because every 15 degrees increase in water temperature doubles the cleaning power.

Most carpet cleaning companies use a system wherein water leaves the truck and travels through hoses to the carpet cleaning wand. Once the water leaves the machine, the temperature may be 212 degrees, but by the time it travels to the wand the temperature has significantly decreased. The Carrara difference is our re-circulating system for the hot water. This means the hot water flows to the wand, and then is sent back to the truck to be reheated. When the steam touches the carpet, it is the same temperature as when it left the truck – 212 degrees.

With our patented system, Carrara is a GREEN cleaning company for the simple fact less chemical is needed. When selecting a carpet cleaning company make sure you feel comfortable about them sticking by their word, and performing at the level you expect.