Your Gutters Are ImportantIt is the time of year where storms are a common occurrence in Northeast Ohio. Following numerous roof inspections for possible hail damage and water spots on ceilings, quite often the problem is not one of the roof, but of the gutter system. Improper drainage and water building up is one of the largest reasons for water damage to ceilings inside the home.

In the last few years it has become common practice to add numerous peaks and dormers to roofing systems to enhance the look and curb appeal of a home. While they do look fantastic, adding all these “breaks” to a roof, adds valleys, which can be a troublesome area of a roof. That being said, the gutter system must be upgraded along with the roof; however, this is rarely the case.

If you are noticing water spots on the interior ceilings of your home, a visual self inspecting of the gutter system is a good place to start evaluating. First, check that gutters and down spouts are clear of debris. If water does not have a clear path to be re-routed, it is always going to find the path of least resistance; often times this means behind roof flashing and into the building materials. Second, take notice of how many slopes and peaks of your roof drain into one particular run of gutter. The more slopes that run into one particular gutter, the more chance for water damage. When heavy rains fall in a short amount of time, the gutters can get over filled and spill over.

Often times predatory roofers will claim hail damage and storm damage to try to get a homeowner to sign on for a complete roof replacement. A large number of water issues that are inspected are due to poor drainage of water. Always inspect the gutter system first, before considering roof damage. A repair can be as simple as adding a run of gutter or an extra down spout to aid in water removal.